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Folders, files, handwriting, all things paperwork.

Graphics found in hospitals, doctors surgeries or other medical professions.

Graphics found in factories, offices, and warehouses.

Period graphics including handwriting, music and  illustrations.

Graphics found around the home and in domestic situations.

Brand logos and Advertising

Official forms and paperwork for the military, secret agents and the police.

Artwork & posters


Our Rights Policies

The copyright status of each piece of artwork on this site is clearly labeled.

Please check the details carefully before purchasing.

Below are examples of the different levels of copyright status that you will find but please refer to the

Terms & Conditions for full information.

Copyright Free

The artwork is copyright free. This includes any pictorial elements like logos, drawings. 

It does not necessarily mean that the text, names, phone numbers or addresses will meet the production's clearance criteria although most of these items have been cleared at one point in time. 


This status is used for images where the copyright belong to someone else, for example a company or brand. Some of the content may be copyright free, but contain some elements that are copyrighted. Please refer to each image and also the Terms and Conditions. 

More information

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information on our rights policies.

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Contributors for the graphics on this site are mainly members of the Graphics Union in the UK who work in the Film and TV industry. Anyone is welcome to submit graphics for consideration for use on the site.

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Anyone can submit artwork to be listed on the site. The artwork must fit certain guidelines. For more information on how to become a contributor, please click the link below.

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