FAQ for Purchasers

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of files can I download?

All the files are in a PDF format. These can be opened in Illustrator or Photoshop.

For the vector PDFs, Illustrator editing has been maintained and the files will open in Illustrator with all artboards visible.

Raster PDFs can be opened in Photoshop.

If a file is less than 300dpi then this will be listed in the product details

How can I download the files?

On checkout, after payment, you will see a link to the files that you have purchased.

You will also receive an email with a link.

The link is valid for 30 days.

Can I use the images again?

If you purchase the images through the production, then the production owns the license and you can not use them on another production. Please do not keep and reuse the images as the contributors will lose out on potential payments. If you personally purchase the images, then you own the license and can use them in perpetuity.

Please see the Terms & Conditions for full details of the license and restrictions.


Are the images cleared?

You can check the copyright details of each image you purchase to see if they meet your requirements of use.

Many of the images are copyright free but some do have copyrighted content or content from copyright free sources. If you are buying for a film or TV production, then we recommend that you send our Terms & Conditions to your legal or clearance team before purchasing to check that they will allow you to use the images. Most of the major studios have confirmed that they will accept the Terms & Conditions of this site, so if you have any problems on a particular production, do get in touch with us. 

Regarding clearance, many of the images contain names, addresses and phone numbers that may well satisfy your production's clearance requirements. However we make no guarantees of this and recommend that you send the images to your clearance team so that they can carry out their own checks. Each production has a different set of criteria for clearance.


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